CACA Mission Statement

To promote & advance the Game of Cricket in Central Alberta through excellent  leadership, disciplined and dedicated sportsmanship as well as to improve unity, citizenship  and strength by providing a competitive, yet friendly environment for people of all ages and  gender to develop their game, achieve their full potential and still have fun.

The Objectives of Central Alberta Cricket Association (CACA) include:

  1. Promote, encourage and develop interest for the game of cricket within Central  Alberta and beyond.
  2. Lead by example, treat other as we would wish to be treated, encourage team spirit  and camaraderie, do not tolerate foul language, offensive behavior or bullying of any  kind.
  3. Foster the development of youth cricket for boys & girls and encouraging them to take  up the sports at an early age.
  4. Outreach to the general public, as well as other sporting organizations to promote  cricket and develop the game.
  5. Organize games and tournaments and participate in competitions at local, provincial  and national levels.
  6. Ensure that all games are conducted within the laws of sports and the tradition and  spirit of the “gentleman’s game” stays in-tact.
  7. Educate the general public by providing information about the sport.
  8. Work and behave in a professional manner to create and develop instruction programs.
  9. Work with local, municipal and provincial officials on matters pertaining to the  development of sports and sporting facilities.